Ristorante Italiano

Our food
We strive to offer healthful cuisine that completely avoids GMOs, high fructose corn syrups, added trans fats, etc. We do so by making almost all foods from scratch including our breads, fresh pastas, pizza dough, sauces, etc.

All our dairy products are certified organic, and we employ high quality extra virgin olive oils for our cooking and salad service.

All of our seafood is sustainably sourced and we avoid farmed fish like salmon or trout. We eagerly await the first fresh wild Alaskan salmon of the summer season.

We only use natural oils and fats – we only use three fats for cooking/salads- extra virgin olive oil from Crete, organic unsalted butter, and occasionally lard from our own pork production.

We do not have a deep fryer. If anything is fried it is pan fried with low to medium heat.

Our major sources of land based meats are sourced from local sources.

Our Chickens are always organically sourced. Our grass fed beef is from New Zealand and always pastured raised and  finished with  no grains fed to the cattle. Our pastured veal comes form B2 Ranch outside Buffalo, Tx.

All of our fresh pork is from our farm where we raise heritage breeds of pigs including Mangalitsa, Berkshire, Red Wattle and Large Blacks.

Our eggs are organically raised on our farm from chicken such as New Hampshire Reds, Barred Rock or Rhode Island Reds and are pastured at all times.

We grow many of our vegetables and herbs on our farm where Chef Keith and his Dad, Wayne, are the ones who raise the veggies and animals. We currently have hundreds of vegetable plants growing and are harvesting nearly every day for the restaurant.

When we utilize non-local products such as Prosciutto or Parmigiano cheeses, we make sure they are from the top quality producers and from the best sources. Parmigiano is only from Reggiano, Italy. Prosciutto is only from Italy, and cheeses for our cheese board are from artisanal producers only.

Grandma Kuhn (Pam) makes many of our desserts from old family recipes using only organic ingredients.

Our wines are carefully selected to match our cuisine and are from all over the world with an emphasis on European selections with their rich and varied tradition of making food friendly wines lower in alcohol. We also have carefully chosen other wines from California, Morocco, Mexico and other regions to offer a full array of interesting and quality-driven wines.

Gourmet Italian Cuisine with a Farm to Table accent.

Our philosophy is that life is too short to eat bad food or drink bad wine.  We believe in knowing where our ingredients come from, and searching out the very best!   We use ingredients from our farm outside of Boerne and from partners who care as much as we do about raising healthy plants and animals.  We believe in clean food, without GMOs, trans fats, additives or unnecessary preservatives.

We are currently serving Heritage pork and beef and from our farm as well as chicken eggs.

On the farm three miles from our restaurant, we are currently seeding seasonal vegetables and herbs, beets, arugula, lettuces and many types of fresh herbs for use at Valeria throughout the next few months.

Our food we grow and raise, paired with other meats and veggies from local farms, sustainably sourced wild fish and shellfish, as well as the best cheeses, organic flours and glass jarred tomatoes from Italy, means we can offer you the highest quality of Italian inspired food this side of Italy!

Please come visit us to find out for yourself how good and healthful Italian food can be here in South Texas when done right.

Our chef:

Keith Kuhn is our chef and guiding force.  He has many years experience in restaurants around the US and Europe, including Paris, London, San Francisco and New York. As a former wine importer he traveled Italy extensively and has many friends and connections there. His extensive background in wine allows him to seek out the best wines to pair with our food.